It has been quite a "trip" but we managed to became the first UK based RPAS (drone) operator

officially acredited by AESA to perform professional aerial imaging activities in Spain.

As technology is progressing with supersonic speed these days the long established Multimedia Production Company MZM Productions one day realised there is a need for a "new dimension" in their projects. And.....the idea FLY MZM was born. Due to our long term experience in multimedia productions

the "new dimension" has become an immediate point of interest to many clients.

As we are not "just another drone company"​ but have a direct connection with an experienced Multimedia Production Company we can offer much more than "just a drone".

Martin Zvara
Founder and Director

I'm here to help you out with any questions you might have about our company. We are always very greatful about any feedback we receive from our clients and collaborators.

Daniel Vázquez
Sales Manager

I'm here to guide you through the large variety of our services and I am sure we will find the best solution for your next project.

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